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Cyclone Chainwire


Cyclone® Security Chainwire Fencing

Cyclone® Security Chainwire Fencing is a highly versatile and durable fencing solution that provides excellent security for a wide range of applications. No matter what the individual demands of the site, our wide and innovative range of chainwire fencing will provide a finished security fence to suit your specific needs.

Why choose Chainwire Fencing?

Excellent security – provides constant security against trespassers, pilferers and animals.

Long term durability – stands up to rugged conditions and requires minimal maintenance.

Easily extended – additional fencing can be matched with the original for future extensions.

Readily relocated – chainwire fences have a high recovery rate, and can be relocated as the extension of premises demands.

Highly flexible – can be easily fitted around building columns, roof trusses, air conditioning ducts and hot water services.

Galvanised & LifeMax™ wire – ensures long life and low maintenance.

PVC coating – chainwire is available in black or green to blend with the environment.

Chainwire roll sizes and wire types

Chainwire comes in standard roll lengths of 10m using a variety of wire types:

  • 2.50mm standard galvanised wire
  • 2.50mm and 3.15mm diameter heavy galvanised or LifeMax™ wire
  • 2.50mm and 3.15mm galvanised core PVC coated wire (green or black)

LifeMax™ wire is manufactured by OneSteel Wire and has a zinc aluminium coating which lasts up to 3 times the life of Zinc Galvanised coating. It has good welding performance and is manufactured in Australia.

Please note: Chainwire rolls and associated products made from 2.50mm Standard Galvanized (SG) W02Z wire do not meet the minimum standard for any parts of AS1725-2010.

Highly Versatile

Available in a range of sizes and finishes, chainwire fencing is an extremely versatile fencing option suited to a wide range of applications.

Ideal Applications

  • Factory enclosures
  • Building site enclosures
  • Internal factory partitions
  • School fencing
  • Sports enclosures & nets
  • Storage facilities
  • Fuel and equipment enclosures
  • General security fencing
  • Temporary protective fencing

Selvedge Styles

Chainwire is supplied with a barbed or knuckled selvedge as shown in the above diagram. In general when a fence roll is under 1800mm high it is provided in a Knuckle/Knuckle Selvedge. Where a top and/or bottom rail is installed the mesh is laced to the rail/s so normally a knuckle selvedge is required, however barb selvedge can be used. In that situation, the mesh extends above (top rail) or below (bottom rail) and tied or laced to secure.

Diamond Sizes

Cyclone Security manufacture chainwire in a number of different diamond sizes ranging from a pitch of 25 to a pitch of 100. The diamond size varies according to the application.